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New KB articles published for the week ending 25th April, 2021

Products Title Published Date
Smart Fabric Director Telemetry Data from Physical Switch gets  disconnected and stuck in provisioned state after leaving SFD in Idle state (83465) 19/04/2021
VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment of vRSLCM is failing when NSX-T federation is enabled (83480) 20/04/2021
VMware Cloud on AWS [VMC on AWS] Cannot change Storage Policy applied to any data except VM (83392) 20/04/2021
VMware ESXi Certain HPE NVMe Drives may register as a different device on ESXi 6.7/7.x hosts (83514) 22/04/2021
VMware NSX-T Data Center Logging destination to the virtual machine is not supported for Ubuntu 18.04 (83474) 20/04/2021
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Cannot bootstrap a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster on Azure where the control plane Subnet specified is outside the lower bounds of the Vnet (83466) 19/04/2021
VMware Tools Windows VMs have longer boot times after installing VMware Tools 11.2.0 (83477) 20/04/2021
VMware vCenter Server Convergence failed while setting up the first replication cycle. (83538) 25/04/2021
VMware vRealize Automation At least one security token in the message could not be validated reported in Proxy Agent logfiles (83472) 20/04/2021
VMware vRealize Operations The Cloud Proxies is page missing after upgrading to vROps 8.4 (83520) 22/04/2021
VMware vSphere ESXi VM snapshot stun times correlate with the number of virtual disks (83523) 22/04/2021
VMware Workspace ONE Deploying Workflow Engine for macOS with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (83499) 22/04/2021
VMware Workspace ONE Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligence April 14th, 2021 Release (83430) 19/04/2021
VMware Workspace ONE Dual Messenger is not Functional on Samsung Work Managed Devices (83482) 20/04/2021
VMware Workspace ONE Access HW-132629: Transfer of logs to syslog server failing 20.10,, 3.3.3 and 3.3.4 (83470) 19/04/2021


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