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New KB articles published for the week ending 18th April, 2021

Products Title Published Date
Customer Connect Portal How to manage SR Watch List in Customer Connect Portal (83427) 15/04/2021
Smart Fabric Director Alerts are not raised for BGP with edge link when we deploy an evpn intent with AD (83454) 17/04/2021
Smart Fabric Director Switches are getting discovered even-though there is a mismatch of host names between “json” and “Actual switch host name” (83456) 17/04/2021
Smart Fabric Director Best practices for backup and restore related issues on SFD (83462) 18/04/2021
VMware Cloud Foundation Bundle precheck for ESXi fails on workload domains (83396) 13/04/2021
VMware Cloud Foundation Backing up SDDC Manager fails (83434) 15/04/2021
VMware Cloud on AWS [VMC on AWS] How to remove old linked AWS account info from VMware Cloud Console (83400) 14/04/2021
VMware ESXi ESXi hosts experiences All Paths Down events on USB based SD Cards while using the vmkusb driver (83450) 16/04/2021
VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere Reconfiguration of LB in NSX-V  6.4.7 and later releases is rejected with error message. (83409) 14/04/2021
VMware NSX-T Data Center Set guestuser1 and guestuser2 password expiration period on NSX-T manager (83394) 14/04/2021
VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud When a VMware SD-WAN Hub Edge is removed from a Hub Cluster, the Spoke Edges remain associated with that removed Hub Edge and are not reassigned to other Hub Edges in the Cluster (83417) 14/04/2021
VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud VMware SASE Getting Started (83416) 14/04/2021
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Workloads using dynamic PersistentVolumes (PVs) must be removed before deleting a cluster (83403) 14/04/2021
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Plus kubectl commands are slow to complete in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.2.1 (83420) 14/04/2021
VMware Tools 11.x,VMware Tools OpenGL dll is not unloaded on application exit (83440) 16/04/2021
VMware vCenter Server Sharing Virtual Volumes on across Multiple vSphere Environments. (83390) 12/04/2021
VMware vRealize Log Insight Attempting to upgrade vRealize Log Insight displays the error “Upgrade already in progress” (83395) 13/04/2021
VMware vRealize Log Insight NFS archiving failures troubleshooting guide for vRealize Log Insight (82807) 14/04/2021
VMware vRealize Network Insight Reconfigure vRNI 6.2  Cluster Deployment to enable flow based discovery on large number of VMs (> 3K) (83374) 15/04/2021
VMware vRealize Operations vRealize Operations 8.4 Sizing Guidelines (83267) 15/04/2021
VMware vRealize Operations Using the Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment Tool for vRealize Operations 8.4 (83266) 15/04/2021
VMware vRealize Operations Metrics and Properties changed in vRealize Operations 8.4 (83268) 15/04/2021
VMware vRealize Operations Change the Capacity calculation type in vROps 8.4 (83413) 15/04/2021
VMware vRealize Operations After Node addition “Cluster initialization is in progress” status doesn’t clear in vRealize Operations 8.4 (83085) 15/04/2021
VMware vRealize Operations Using the Application Remote Collector Migration Script in vROps 8.4 (83059) 15/04/2021
VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager vRASSC upgrade from version 8.3 to 8.4 triggered from vRSLCM, is stuck in progress and timed out after 15 min (83398) 14/04/2021
VMware vSphere ESXi Encrypted Virtual Machines enter VM_STATE_LOCKED on Power Cycle after a HA Failover when the failed Host is removed from the Cluster. (83407) 14/04/2021
VMware vSphere ESXi Backup speed are slow over NBD transport mode for VMs on high-latency storage (83401) 14/04/2021
VMware Workspace ONE CRSVC-18390: ACC installer gets flagged by the antivirus and might get deleted (83423) 15/04/2021


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