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Automating Endpoint Management with Bulk Product Operations in VMware Skyline

What is Bulk Product Operations?

Bulk Product Operations is a feature that can increase your productivity by automating the process of adding, updating, or deleting the endpoints that Skyline monitors through the use of a simple CSV file.

To take advantage of this feature, your Skyline Collector must be current. Refer to this link to either enable Auto-Upgrade or see the steps to manually upgrade it.

What does Bulk Product Operations do?

Bulk Operations allow you to reduce “manual touch time” by automating the following actions:

  • Create new product endpoints
  • Update existing product endpoints
  • Delete product endpoints

What products are supported by Bulk Product Operations?

You can leverage this feature for the following products:

  • vSphere
  • NSX-V
  • NSX-T
  • vRealize Operations Manager
  • Horizon
  • VMware Cloud Foundation

What information needs to be supplied for the Bulk product Operations CSV template?

The CSV file contains fields that allow you to define the action for each supported product, and specify hosts, complete with usernames and passwords. Refer to the image below, for more details.

What does a completed template look like?

Here’s an example of a completed template. Please note that the entry for the bulkOpertionType and productType fields must be spelled correctly and CAPITALIZED.

What happens if a Bulk Product Operation is unsuccessful?

If any of the bulk product operations fail, click View Failed Operations to view which products failed to execute the desired operation. Click Download Failed Operations CSV to download a template file containing only those products that failed bulk product operation execution. Make any necessary adjustments to the CSV file and reupload it.

Is there a video, where I can see the Bulk Product Operations in action?

To see how you can reduce vulnerability to risk through extended environment coverage, and ultimately, better enable Skyline Adoption with Bulk Product Operations, check out this video on YouTube.


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