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Top 20 articles for vSAN, December 2020

  1. vSAN Health Service – vSAN Build Recommendation – vSAN release catalog up-to-date
  2. vSAN “Proactive rebalance” and “Automatic Rebalance”
  3. “There is no more space for virtual disk .vmdk” error when starting vSAN VM
  4. How to manually remove and recreate a vSAN disk group using esxcli
  5. vSAN Health Service – Data Health ? vSAN Object Health
  6. FAQ: Support statement for 512e and 4K Native drives for VMware vSphere and vSAN
  7. vSAN — Maintenance — Simultaneous Host Reboots / Cluster Full Shutdown — Risk for Data Unavailability
  8. vSAN Health Service – Cluster health – vSAN disk balance
  9. vSAN Health Service – vSAN HCL Health ? vSAN HCL DB up-to-date
  10. Changing the default repair delay time for a host failure in vSAN
  11. Virtual Machines running on an SEsparse snapshot may report guest data inconsistencies
  12. “Host cannot communicate with all other nodes in vSAN enabled cluster” error
  13. vSAN Performance Graphs in the vSphere Web Client
  14. Thick-provisioned VMs on vSAN detected on vSAN-health check
  15. VMware vSAN upgrade best practices
  16. Best practices when using vSAN and non-vSAN disks with the same storage controller
  17. vSAN Health Service – Network Configuration – vMotion: MTU Check
  18. vSAN Health Service – Network Health – Hosts small ping test (connectivity check) and Hosts large ping test (MTU check)
  19. vSAN Health Service – Physical Disk Health – Operation Health
  20. Best practices on DELL EMC NetWorker 9.1, 9.2, & 18.1 VMware Integration


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