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New KB articles published for the week ending 31st January, 2021

Products Document Id Title Published Date
Skyline Collector Aappliance 82328 Skyline Collector Status: ‘No Products Configured’ 25/01/2021
Skyline Collector Aappliance 82325 Using the configure-network command-line utility in VMware Skyline Collector 25/01/2021
VMware Cloud Foundation 82393 VMware Cloud Foundation Skip Level Upgrade Tool fails to connect to management vCenter due to an untrusted certificate 28/01/2021
VMware Cloud on AWS 82382 [VMConAWS] HCX Mobility Agent host randomly gets disconnected from vCenter Server after established Service Mesh 27/01/2021
VMware Cloud on AWS 82395 [VMC on AWS] Unable to add a user other than cloudadmin@vmc.local 28/01/2021
VMware Cloud on AWS 82425 [VMC on AWS] Unable to snapshot a VM, with error: A digest operation has failed. 29/01/2021
VMware Horizon 82411 Security Gateway value is present in Horizon Administrator even if it is not configured 28/01/2021
VMware Horizon 82358 SETTING THE MAX SESSIONS PER RDS HOST 28/01/2021
VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere 82460 Redeploy / upgrade / resize operations of NSX-V Edge appliance (ESG or DLR) configured for High Availability to NSX-V 6.4.9 may lead to data path impact 29/01/2021
VMware NSX-T Data Center 82331 Logging in to NSX-T Manager node as an LDAP user in a scaled AD config may take long time or fail 25/01/2021
VMware PKS 82379 Pods with periods in their name get stuck at ContainerCreating 27/01/2021
VMware PKS 82385 Error at the Uploading stemcell stage when creating a custom Windows stemcell for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition 27/01/2021
VMware SDK Support 82073 VixDiskLib_Cleanup function fails to clean up disks mounted in hotadd mode 28/01/2021
VMware Skyline Advisor 82327 Skyline Collector Status: ‘Inactive’ 25/01/2021
VMware Skyline Advisor 82326 Skyline Collector Status: ‘Partially Healthy’ 25/01/2021
VMware Skyline Advisor 82329 Skyline Collector Status: ‘Failed to Collect Data’ 25/01/2021
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Plus 82334 Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.2.1 deployment is stuck due to cert-manager pod creation issue 25/01/2021
VMware Telco Cloud Operations 82322 Update photon repositories to packages.vmware.com 25/01/2021
VMware vCenter Server 82332 Check and resolve expired vCenter Server certificates from command line 26/01/2021
VMware vCenter Server 82351 Monitor and prevent vCenter Appliance disks from filling 26/01/2021
VMware vCloud Air Object Storage powered by Google Cloud Platform 82330 Redeeming MnA SaaS Services in the Subscription Purchasing Program (SPP) 25/01/2021
VMware vRealize Automation 82341 After manually modifying resolv.conf files on vRA nodes deploy.sh fails with Release “client-secrets” does not exist. Installing it now.  Error 26/01/2021
VMware vRealize Configuration Manager 82347 End of Availability of VMware vRealize Configuration Manager 26/01/2021
VMware vRealize Operations 82028 vRealize Operations 8.2 Hot Fix 3 27/01/2021
VMware vSAN 82383 Virtual Machines running on VMware vSAN 7.0 U1 / 7.0 U1 P02  report in-guest data consistency following a concurrent maintenance activity and storage policy change. 27/01/2021
VMware vSAN 82324 Virtual machines in a vSAN stretched cluster using “Dual Site Mirror Storage Policy” report incorrect used space 25/01/2021
VMware vSAN 82424 High value of file system Deduplication &/or Compression Overhead observed in the vSAN capacity Overview. 29/01/2021
VMware Workspace ONE 82185 Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 21.01 for macOS 25/01/2021
VMware Workspace ONE 82187 Introducing Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager 21.01 for Android 28/01/2021
VMware Workspace ONE 82359 [Resolved] FCA-195486 and FCA-195068 – Workspace ONE UEM – Deleting devices from the Devices List View page may not work 27/01/2021
VMware Workspace ONE 82298 AMST-30171 Windows Device Friendly Name using Custom Attributes fails to update properly 29/01/2021
VMware Workspace ONE 82369 [Resolved] SINST-175832: Multiple Workspace ONE UEM application pools and services do not start once stopped 27/01/2021
VMware Workspace ONE 82191 Introducing Workspace ONE Boxer 21.01 for Android 26/01/2021
VMware Workspace ONE 82437 RUGG-7670: Product activation and de-activation times are impacted when the user’s timezone is different than UEM server timezone. 29/01/2021
VMware Workspace ONE 82366 AGGL-7406: Region locked application installs during enrollment may intermittently fail for Workspace ONE UEM Android devices 27/01/2021


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