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Top 20 articles for EUC, December 2020

  1. Supported versions of Windows 10 on Horizon Agent Including All VDI Clones (Full Clones, Instant Clones, and Linked Clones on Horizon 7)
  2. VMware Horizon ports and network connectivity requirements
  3. Black screen when logging in to Horizon virtual desktop over PCOIP in Windows 10
  4. Accessing the Horizon View Administrator page displays a blank error window in Horizon 7
  5. Troubleshooting SSL certificate issues in VMware Horizon
  6. Manually removing problem desktops and pools from Horizon
  7. Installing the VMware View Client fails with the error: Setup cannot continue. The Microsoft Runtime DLL installer failed to complete installation
  8. Troubleshooting connectivity issues between the agent, client, and connection server in VMware Virtual Desktop Manager
  9. Troubleshooting Agent Unreachable status in VMware Horizon View/VDI
  10. Build numbers and versions of VMware Horizon
  11. Troubleshooting USB redirection problems with Windows Horizon Client.
  12. Horizon View Desktops hanging on logoff preventing composer operations, or users from logging in
  13. Connecting to the View ADAM Database
  14. VMware Horizon 7 sizing limits and recommendations
  15. Connecting to or checking out the virtual desktop fails with the error: This desktop currently has no desktop sources available or This desktop cannot be checked out
  16. Connecting to Connection Server from View Client fails with the error: Couldn’t resolve host name
  17. Agent Unreachable message in Administrator console report After upgrading Horizon agent
  18. Supported Guest Operating Systems for Horizon Agent, Remote Experience, and Persona Management
  19. Removing a Connection Server or a Security Server from a Horizon Pod
  20. Antivirus executable exclusion list for VMware Horizon View


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