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New KB articles published for the week ending 24th January, 2021

Products Document ID Title Published Date
VMware Cloud on AWS 82232 Dell EMC PowerProtect on VMware 19/01/2021
VMware Cloud on AWS 82269 [VMC on AWS] Subnet overlap error while creating Route based vpn tunnel 21/01/2021
VMware Integrated OpenStack 82233 [VMC on AWS] Unable to Switchover during HCX Bulk Migration 19/01/2021
VMware Smart Assurance – SMARTS 82243 VIO viocli stop/start services timing out 19/01/2021
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 82225 Smarts:  Security scans are reporting HSTS issue on ports used by the Smarts processes 18/01/2021
VMware Tanzu Mission Control 82296 Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.2 installation fails at the create management cluster stage 22/01/2021
VMware Tools 82276 The Health of DaemonSets and StatefulSets are “Unknown” in Tanzu Mission Control 21/01/2021
VMware Tools 82231 Black screen when using multiple monitors on Windows 10 2004/20H2 19/01/2021
VMware vCenter Server 81863 Windows VMTools SHA 1 signature deprecation notice 19/01/2021
VMware vRealize Automation 82252 Delayed vAPI response after vpxd reboot in VMware vCenter Server 20/01/2021
VMware vRealize Automation 77273 Deployments or Day 2 operations are stuck or hung in-progress against a vRealize Automation 8.x managed resource 20/01/2021
VMware vRealize Automation 82295 Adding a vCenter, NSX-V and/or NSX-T endpoint fails to present the ‘Trust certificate’ popup and results in an error 22/01/2021
VMware vRealize Log Insight 82240 kubectl -w passes NULL or empty parameters to the ‘sed’ command removing /etc/hosts file entries preventing kube-api-server endpoint startup 19/01/2021
VMware vRealize Orchestrator 82264 vRealize Log Insight generates a large number of DNS queries to DNS servers 20/01/2021
VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 82245 REST Hosts defined with vRealize Orchestrator’s REST plugin periodically disappear causing provisioning workflow failures 20/01/2021
VMware vSAN 82247 vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager upgrade fails after application of KB81207 due to additional Bouncy Castle JAR files 19/01/2021
VMware vSAN 82236 vSAN Health Service – Online Health – Proper vSAN network traffic shaping policy is configured 19/01/2021
VMware vSphere 82226 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Superdome Flex Server with Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory Module Support 18/01/2021
VMware Workspace ONE 82272 ISDK-174536 :  Known issue in Single user – Advanced(CI/CO) Shared Device Support in Swift SDK 21/01/2021
VMware Workspace ONE 82278 Introducing Workspace ONE SDK 21.1 (Swift) for iOS 21/01/2021
VMware Workspace ONE 82294 Microsoft update is causing Secure Channel handshake to fail 22/01/2021
VMware Workspace ONE 82179 Introducing Workspace ONE UEM 2101 22/01/2021


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