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New KB articles published for the week ending 29th November,2020

Products Document ID Title Published Date
VMware Cloud on AWS 81775 [VMC on AWS] Unable to perform migration from cloud to on-premise with the vCenter Cloud Gateway Appliance 11/26/2020
VMware Cloud on AWS 81774 [VMC on AWS] Unable to perform HCX migration with the error “External device(s) detected on VM-name.” 11/26/2020
VMware Cloud on AWS 81751 [VMC on AWS] Unable to power on a virtual machine on the source site after finished HCX bulk migration 11/24/2020
VMware ESXi 81785 High Availability fails when same NFS share is mounted multiple times using different IP address 11/26/2020
VMware NSX-T 81748 Container does not allow traffic until 10 seconds or more after creation. 11/25/2020
VMware NSX-T 81741 High memory usage on NSX T manager Nodes . Version 2.5.0 11/26/2020
VMware NSX-T 81777 NSX-T edge bridge does not support multiple VLAN uplinks 11/26/2020
VMware PKS 81750 Complete allocated disk space is unavailable in the Harbor GUI 11/24/2020
VMware vRealize Log Insight 81743 Configure SSH Key Based Access to a vRealize Log Insight Appliance 11/25/2020
VMware Workspace ONE 81744 [Resolved] AGGL-8662 – Android Security Patch Version is not reported when using Intelligent Hub 20.10+ and Workspace ONE UEM Console 2010 11/24/2020
VMware Workspace ONE 81771 Removal of Personal Content and Deprecated UI 11/26/2020
VMware Workspace ONE 81752 Introducing Workspace ONE Launcher 4.8 for Android 11/24/2020
VMware Workspace ONE 81745 Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 20.10 for Android 11/24/2020
VMware Workspace ONE 81747 Introducing VMware AirWatch Relay Service 5.1 for Android 11/24/2020
VMware Workspace ONE 81760 CMEM-186136: Email clients are blocked by Secure Email Gateway (SEG) incorrectly due to Inactivity Compliance Policy 11/25/2020


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