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Extending Skyline’s Integration with vRealize Operations Cloud via the Skyline Management Pack

Extending Skyline’s Integration with vRealize Operations Cloud via the Skyline Management Pack

If you’re using VMware Skyline and vRealize Operations Cloud, you should consider installing and configuring the free Skyline Management Pack within the service.

What is it?

The Skyline Management Pack provides a single pane of glass for Skyline reported findings within vRealize Operations.

What does it do?

The management pack does the following:
• Converts Skyline Findings into alerts in vRealize Operations Manager and maps them to its corresponding affected objects.
• Provides access to more dashboards that allow you to view findings related to specific vCenter adapters
• Displays findings based on severity and category.

Where can I find it?

The management pack is not installed by default. So, odd are, if you click on a finding in Skyline, you won’t see them the corresponding alert in VRealize Operations Cloud.

You can get the vRealize Operations Management Pack for Skyline from the Marketplace, which under the Administration Tab within vRealize Operations Cloud.

And, after it’s been downloaded and installed, you can view the contents, such as dashboards, views, alerts, recommendations and symptoms that get installed as part of the process.

How can I leverage Skyline-Specific Dashboards?

With the management pack, you get two new dashboards: Alerts Details and Overview.

While they can’t be edited, they can be moved around, expanded, and placed wherever you like. Custom Dashboards can be created as well.

Who can use the Management Pack?

VMware Skyline integrates directly with vRealize Operations Cloud, while the Management Pack is available to users of vRealize Operations Cloud and to its on-premises instance through vRealize Cloud Universal.

So, if you’re not already using vRealize Operations Cloud and the Skyline Management Pack, you can sign up for  a free 30-day trial of vRealize Operations Cloud.

Click here to see the video of this workflow in action.


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