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Integrated Management and Support: Skyline + vRealize Operations Cloud 

VMware Skyline Collector 2.6 and Advisor Releases with vRealize Operations Cloud Integration and Support for VMware Cloud Foundation


We’re pleased to announce VMware Skyline Collector 2.6 and Skyline Advisor releases with integrated support and management between Skyline and vRealize Operations Cloud, support for VMware Cloud Foundation, and new Findings & Recommendations.


As a special incentive, we’re offering swag to the first 100 customers who sign up for the free trial from Skyline Advisor. If you’re one of the lucky 100, we’ll send you a pair of Skyline socks or a mini toolkit! Log in and sign up today!

New features:

Integrated Management and Support: Skyline + vRealize Operations Cloud

We have created a unified Skyline + vRealize Operations Cloud experience for customers to proactively avoid issues and perform advanced troubleshooting in a single, self-service SaaS workflow. With this integration of Skyline and vRealize Operations Cloud analytics, you will be able to avoid more outages and issues, and save time by automating remediation steps in vRealize Operations Cloud.


Free 30-day trial of vRealize Operations Cloud for all Skyline customers. Learn more about the free trial by logging into Skyline Advisor and click Sign Up in the new Operational Overview Dashboard.

Click here to see the Overview Video on YouTube.

Additionally, we released a new version of vRealize Operations Management Pack for Skyline, version 2.0. This new Management Pack is available to users of vRealize Operations Cloud standalone, and to users of vRealize Cloud Universal (for on-premises and cloud versions of vRealize Operations Manager), and enables you to view Skyline Proactive Findings and Recommendations as alerts within vRealize Operations Cloud. With Skyline Findings surfaced in vRealize Operations Cloud as alerts you can seamlessly troubleshoot related objects and issues. vRealize Operations Management Pack for Skyline v1.0, which surfaces Skyline proactive Findings and Recommendations as notifications, continues to be available to vRealize Operations Manager on-premises users.


Support for VMware Cloud Foundation

Skyline now supports VMware Cloud Foundation , the industry’s leading hybrid cloud platform. Skyline identifies management and workload domains, and surfaces VMware Cloud Foundation solution-based Proactive Findings.


New Findings and Recommendations 

We recently released several new proactive Findings and Recommendations in the following categories:  

  • Technical Support Trending Issues – Alert you to top issues based on our analysis of common Support Requests opened by customers   
  • Skyline Health for vSphere and vSAN Alignment – Ensure that vSphere and vSAN Findings are available in both Skyline Advisor and Skyline Health for vSphere / vSAN  
  • NSX Findings – Alert you to more potential issues with NSX-v and NSX-T deployments  
  • Horizon Findings – Alert you to more potential issues with Horizon deployments  
  • vRealize Operations Dashboard – Addition of selected vRealize Operations findings 


Note: If you have the Auto Upgrade feature enabled, your Collectors will update automatically and give you access to these great new features. If not, you can download the new version from the Collector VAMI. Log into Skyline Advisor today to see the new enhancements, and don’t forget to connect your VMC endpoints to your Skyline Collector. A summary of the new features is below. For additional details review the Skyline Advisor Release Notes and Skyline Collector 2.6 documentation.


If you have questions about any of these announcements, please visit the Skyline Community.




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