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VMware Skyline: What’s New August 2020

Announcing New VMware Skyline Advisor Release with Easier CSP Onboarding

We’re pleased to announce a new VMware Skyline Advisor release with an improved Cloud Services Platform (CSP) onboarding process and new Findings & Recommendations. Log into Skyline Advisor today to see the new enhancements.A brief summary of the new features is below. For additional details review the Skyline Advisor Release Notes. 


Easier CSP Onboarding 

Now it’s easier to adopt and expand Skyline in your environment with a simplified and more intuitive onboarding experience. 

NOTE: If you are an Organization owner but are not already assigned the Administrator role for the Skyline Advisor service, you will be assigned Administrator privileges via the CSP console to enable your Add Collector capability.  

New Findings and Recommendations 

We recently released several new proactive Findings and Recommendations in the following categories: 

  • NSX Findings – Alert you to potential issues with NSX-v and NSX-T deployments 
  • Horizon Findings – Alert you  
  • Technical Support Trending Issues – Alert you to top issues based on our analysis of common Support Requests opened by customers   
  • Skyline Health for vSphere and vSAN Alignment – Ensure that vSphere and vSAN Findings are available in both Skyline Advisor and Skyline Health for vSphere / vSAN  
  • vRealize Operations Dashboard  Addition of selected vRealize Operations findings 


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