Support Account Managers (SAM)

What is a Support Account Manager (SAM)?

By Fred Giroux, Senior Support Account Manager, VMware Premier Services


Welcome to our first SAM blog! As trusted advisors, SAMs are responsible for driving a customer’s overall support experience and are part of the VMware Global Support organization, more specifically the Premier Support team (formerly known as Mission Critical Support or MCS). Premier Support is the highest support level VMware has to offer, and SAM services are part of the offering. An upcoming blog post will dive into the program. In the meantime, more information is available here.


I like to describe our role as a deluxe support concierge. Our purpose is broad and includes:

  • Relationship management between our customers and our support team
  • Making sure support requests are moving well
  • Managing critical situations and escalations
  • Helping with general requests
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer
  • Coordinating activities
  • Providing guidance on support-related matters
  • Doing periodic Support Business Reviews with customers


We are an essential part of Premier Support, along with the extraordinary team of Technical Support Engineers working with us and troubleshooting issues with our customers.


One critical responsibility we have is helping customers to be proactive and, as much as possible, avoid opening Support Requests. We leverage different tools, including Skyline, and proactively share information on best practices and potential issues.


Building strong relationships with our customers is paramount in our role. We have regular meetings to go over Support Requests (typically once a week) and projects. There is a direct line of communication between the SAM and the customer team. I have an individual customer with whom I speak almost every day, and this is helping things go smoothly.


With the blazingly fast-growing VMware portfolio, it is simply not possible for individual SAMs to be experts in all products. However, we thrive at knowing the right VMware folks to help. Let’s just say that our address book is pretty impressive, collectively and individually.


I will conclude by saying that our team is growing exponentially. More and more customers are moving from the regular Production Support to Premier Support, and the reviews are phenomenal. It is never fun to face a critical issue, but having a SAM working with you towards resolution makes it easier.


Thank you, and long live our new blog.


About the author:

Fred started working in IT in 1992 and joined VMware in 2012 as a Technical Account Manager. He moved to VMware Premier Services in 2014 as a Support Account Manager, where he thrives servicing some of the largest VMware customers. His customers and colleagues greatly appreciate his leadership and passion.


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