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Skyline is the Future

By Russ Swan, Support Account Manager, VMware Premier Services


Skyline proactive support helps you avoid problems before they occur and reduces the time spent on resolving active support requests. With just a few clicks, you can increase team productivity and the overall reliability of your VMware environments.


Do you want proactive information about your environment on how you can avoid issues? Do you struggle with uploading log bundles to a support case or FTP server? Would you like an automated solution to solve those problems and much more? The answer is VMware Skyline!


Did I mention it is included at no additional charge with your active Production & Premier Support contracts? Premier Support customers can export an Operational Summary Report (OSR) that shows Critical, Moderate, and Trivial issues. With Skyline, you’ve got control, and we’ve got your back. OSR’s are not available for Production Support contracts as this reporting capability is only available for Premier Support customers. In this Skyline update, we are going to focus on the benefits of receiving proactive environmental information to help mitigate risks and avoid a larger impact to your environment.


Rackspace, a VMware Premier Support customer who adopted Skyline in 2019, said: “Skyline proactively identified several issues, such as upgrades needed to prevent Spectre Meltdown vulnerabilities, storage pathing and misconfigured hypervisors that we weren’t aware of.”


Allegis Group, a VMware Premier Support customer, adopted Skyline in 2018, said: “Skyline deployment and data collection has been seamless. It gives us an early insight into issues that might arise, including zero-day exploits and vulnerabilities, so we know ahead of time which drivers and patches we need. It makes the business safer.”


Gleaner Life Insurance, a VMware Production Support customer, adopted Skyline in 2020 recently said, “Skyline alerted us to a potential security issue in our environment, causing us to prioritize upgrading our vCenter version.”


These are just a few testimonials from clients who leveraged Skyline to generate proactive environmental information that resulted in the mitigation of security threats, important driver and patch upgrade information, and identified misconfigured devices in the environment.


New Skyline blog posts are coming soon, where we will cover additional benefits of Skyline.


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About the author:

Russ Swan began his IT career in 1988 as an intern at Electronic Data Systems, repairing IBM 8086 computers and printers. Over the last 32-years, he’s grown his career and has worn many hats. Russ joined VMware in 2018 as a VMware Premier Services Support Account Manager.


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    1. Maxime – we are continuing to expand Skyline across our core products, including Workspace ONE, and will ensure to post an update once released. Please let us know if you have any specific use cases where Skyline could have helped you, and we will provide this to our product team for further advocacy. Thank you!

  1. Please also note that Skyline now supports Horizon 7, which is a part of the Workspace ONE Enterprise edition. Thank you.

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