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Transforming the Customer Support Experience in 2019 – Year in Review

As we launch into the year 2020, it’s important to reflect on the past year. Before we jump into the new year, I wanted to reflect upon last year, and the many accomplishments VMware has made to transform the customer support experience. With that said, and without further ado, let’s reflect upon 2019.


2019 Year in Review

  • Skyline is a high-growth SaaS service, delivered by VMware. Over 5,500 customers adopted Skyline in 2019, which is 260% growth year-over-year. This growth is due to Skyline’s ability to keep customers out of harms way. Skyline surfaced over 12 million potential issues for our customers, making them aware of risk within their environment. Additionally, using Skyline Log Assist to upload a log bundle is 14X faster than the traditional methods available today (My VMware/SFTP).
  • Skyline Health allows customers to view a select number of findings and recommendations within the vSphere Client. This is part of our goal to meet customers where they are.
  • Support Hub, powered by AI, is the “fastest way to get your problem solved”, and was awarded Top Embedded Solution of the year by IBM.
  • 12 customers and partners publicly shared their story for how they are using Skyline to avoid issues, mitigate risk, secure their environment, and streamline the Support Request process.
  • Skyline was recognized by IDC at VMworld US in this Market Note.
  • Became a member of the Cloud Security Alliance, along side other VMware Cloud Services.
  • Launched the Skyline Hands-On Lab (HOL) at VMworld US. The Skyline HOL allows customers to learn more about Skyline by being able to interact with Skyline Advisor.
  • Our Partners were excited to see the delivery of the Partner Toolkit. This toolkit assists partners for how to help their customers deploy, operationalize, and use Skyline.
  • Launched the Day 2 Mastery Series, where we began to transition customers from adopting Skyline, to using Skyline. Be on the look out for a continued focus on Day 2 with Skyline in 2020.


We Had a Little Fun Too

It wasn’t all work, no play. Here are just a few examples of how we interacted with customers at events, as well as through a series of videos bringing attention to those situations that could cause your hair to ignite into flames.

  • Over 3,000 VMworld US/Europe attendees visited the Skyline Game Lounge. Between these two events, we presented 4 TAM Roundtable sessions, 10+ breakout sessions, 10+ theater sessions, 15+ design studio sessions, 2 Hands-On Lab workshops, and multiple 1:1 meetings with customers. And our baristas in Barcelona made a lot of coffee. In fact, we ran out of coffee on Day 1 of VMworld Europe, and had to get more.

  • Attended 15+ VMUG events, from local meetings, to UserCons, to Virtual Events. Additionally, our customers put the user back in user group by presenting their Skyline story at local VMUG meetings.

We want to thank everyone who has gone on the journey with us in transforming the customer support experience. We look forward to helping our customers become more proactive, in addition to helping them in times of need. Additionally, we want to hear from you. What else can we do to further improve the support experience in 2020? I, for one, am excited about the possibilities of the new year, and new decade. I’m looking forward to sitting next to all of you as we go on this journey together.


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