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New KB articles published for the week ending 26th January,2020

VMware Horizon

Horizon Client 5.3 Feature Matrix with Horizon 7
Published Date:20-01-2020

VM BIOS UUID is not reflected in WMIC of instant clone’s guest OS
Published Date:20-01-2020

VMware vCenter Server

vCenter service crashes randomly with error “Panic: UUIDCreateRandomUnstylized: Random_Crypto failure”
Published Date:25-01-2020

VMware vCloud Director for Service Provider

“Unsupported query: adminTask0” error in the HTML5 UI of vCloud Director when attempting to open page 10 of the Tasks list
Published Date:24-01-2020

VMware vRealize Log Insight

Restoring the vApp properties in vRealize Log Insight 4.x and Later
Published Date:24-01-2020

VMware vRealize Network Insight

vRealize Network Insight 5.1 cluster upgrade hangs on “Foundation DB upgrade…”
Published Date:25-01-2020

VMware vRealize Orchestrator

vRealize Orchestrator 8.0 Live disk resize does not take effect on underlying PhotonOS
Published Date:21-01-2020

VMware vSphere

Re-signature operation of snapshot LUN is failing with fault: VmfsAlreadyMounted.
Published Date:25-01-2020

VMware Workspace ONE

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 19.12.1 for macOS
Published Date:24-01-2020

Introducing Workspace ONE 3.3.8 for iOS
Published Date:23-01-2020

Upcoming changes to the allowable size of reports in Workspace ONE UEM 2001
Published Date:24-01-2020

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Notebook 1.3 for iOS
Published Date:24-01-2020

Chrome OS EMM Registration in the Workspace ONE UEM Console is blocked
Published Date:23-01-2020

Informational Articles

Windows 10 “Night light” has no effect on sessions connected through Horizon View
Published Date:22-01-2020

“SAML authentication failed for this organization.Use integrated authentication” when SAML Users attempt to log into vCloud Director.
Published Date:24-01-2020


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