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Day 2 Mastery Series for Skyline: In Case You Missed It


Don’t miss it: VMware just released the Day 2 Mastery Series for VMware Skyline. Get practical day-to-day workflows and tips and tricks to help you stay out of harm’s way. Remember, Skyline is available and included at no additional charge for our Production and Premier Support customers.

Five VMware Skyline Day 2 Series videos have been released:

Learn why you should consider adding additional Skyline users to expand proactive support coverage of the environments that you manage.

Learn why you may want to set up multiple organizations, based on your company’s structure, to streamline how Skyline delivers its proactive findings.

Learn why you should use Skyline’s Log Assist to expedite support log bundle upload and streamline resolution of your support requests

Learn why you should use Skyline’s Upgrade Recommendations feature to strengthen the environments that you manage, make them more efficient, and keep them secure.

Learn how you can use the Mute feature to filter findings, so that you can focus on the findings that are most relevant to you.


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