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New and Improved VMware Premier Support Offering: Announced at VMworld US 2019

On August 26th, 2019, at VMworld US, we announced a new and improved Premier Support offering. We streamlined our Premier Support services into a new single offering, called VMware Premier SupportTM. This will enable VMware to give customers the “white glove” experience, the best in customer care that VMware offers, accelerating outcomes for customers business needs.

We also introduced new Industry-specific verticals for Telco, Financial, Healthcare, and U.S. Federal customers. These verticals will provide unique support elements that cater to customers’ unique needs to run their business efficiently and effectively.

Premier Support customers get access to advanced VMware Skyline features and VMware Support Hub. Skyline gives proactive support. It will automatically alert a dedicated team of premier support engineers if urgent issues are detected so that an incident response can be immediately actioned. VMware Support Hub, featuring IBM Watson, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to quickly submit and match Support Requests to a technical support expert who can solve the issue in the most efficient manner.

Previously, we had various service offerings such as Business Critical Support (BCS) & Mission Critical Support (MCS), Healthcare Critical Support (HCS), and Federal Business Critical Support (BCS), just to name a few. This was confusing for customers for their service level agreements (SLAs). Now, business critical operations can feel confident that issues will be addressed by in a timely manner.

This Premier Support offering has significant value over the previous support offering. In addition to accelerated SLAs (especially for weekend support), the new Premier Support offering includes all VMware products (for the Cloud, On-Prem, Subscription or Hybrid). In addition, Premier Support includes access to the SDK, priority phone and web ticket routing, as well as on-site escalations when needed. Finally, customers will be assigned a Support Account Manager (SAM), who will be responsible for the customers overall end-to-end support experience.

For current Premier Support customers (BCS, MCS, HCS, CGS), there will be a gradual migration to the new Premier Support offering. Customers can keep their current support contract and delivery. At the time of renewal, they can migrate to the Premier Support offering. Or a customer can convert to the new Premier Support offering at any time they choose. All net new Premier Support customers will receive the new Premier Support offering after September 2, 2019.

For more information, please see the VMware Premier Support Offerings.


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