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New KB articles published for the week ending 27th July,2019

VMware Horizon

VM hosted App does not work well in Tablet mode
Date Published: 23-Jul-19

VMware NSX-T Data Center

Additional NSX-T manager nodes are stuck at “VM Clustering in Progress”
Date Published: 25-Jul-19

In an NSX-T environment ESXi hosts fail with a PSOD
Date Published: 24-Jul-19

NSX-T Manager allows to restore on the same NSX Manager where backup is performed
Date Published: 26-Jul-19

VMware PKS

How to generate an SSH key pair for installing Ops Manager v2.6 on vSphere
Date Published: 27-Jul-19

VMware Smart Assurance – NCM

VMware Smart Assurance NCM: Pull Interfaces via SNMP on any device shows Interface name and description same in NCM
Date Published: 22-Jul-19

VMware vCenter Server

“ERROR certificate-manager ‘lstool get-site-id’ failed: 1”, Certificate Replacement with Custom Certificate Fails on vCenter Server 6.x
Date Published: 25-Jul-19

VMware vCenter Server Appliance

“There is already a native AD IDS or LDAP AD IDS registered”, Unable to disjoin/leave vCenter Server Appliance from Active Directory Domain
Date Published: 22-Jul-19

VMware vRealize Automation

Hidden custom property values are not passed in payload for vRealize Automation Basic Users
Date Published: 24-Jul-19

VMware vRealize Operations Manager

vRealize Operations Manager and Linux SACK vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-11477 – 11479)
Date Published: 25-Jul-19

Enabling vSphere Predictive DRS in vRealize Operations Manager results in Failed to register or unregister predictive DRS error
Date Published: 26-Jul-19

VMware vSphere ESXi

Unable to take quiesced snapshot of Windows VM
Date Published: 26-Jul-19

Informational Article

NSX-T 2.4 and 2.4.1 NAT issues
Date Published: 26-Jul-19


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