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New KB articles published for the week ending 27th April,2019

VMware AppDefense

AppDefense: AppD Server Internal Error occured
Date Published: 27-Apr-19

VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Failed to pair Enrolment Server while configuring TrueSSO on VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure
Date Published: 24-Apr-19

VMware PKS

Load balancer server pool is down for Kubernetes Services
Date Published: 26-Apr-19

VMware SDDC Manager

NSX Manager backups in VMware Cloud Foundation fail with the error “Invalid credentials are presented”
Date Published: 22-Apr-19

vRealize Automation deployment in VMware Cloud Foundation fails with the error “Another VM with same name exists for VRA”
Date Published: 22-Apr-19

VMware Tools

Windows quiesce snapshot creation fails with error 0x80042413
Date Published: 22-Apr-19

VMware vCenter Server

SSO Domain Repoint fails in 6.7 U2, Authz Data export fails
Date Published: 26-Apr-19

Unable to download VM files from datastore browser when there is period before the virtual machine name
Date Published: 25-Apr-19

VMware vCloud Availability

Stale Replication Manager instances are listed in the Replicator Management Portal in vCloud Availability
Date Published: 26-Apr-19


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