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New KB articles published for the week ending 20th April,2019

VMware Horizon

Remote Desktop connection with NLA is not supported in Horizon View
Date Published: 16-Apr-19

VMware NSX for vSphere

Can’t assign new user role in NSX Manager
Date Published: 18-Apr-19

NSX Controller Certificate flagged on Security/Audit Scan flagged as bad certificate
Date Published: 15-Apr-19

Mellanox Onyx, NSX Hardware VXLAN Gateway, version 3.7.1200, NSX 6.4.4
Date Published: 18-Apr-19

VMware NSX-T Data Center

Repository Status “Sync Failed” after upgrade to NSX-T 2.4.0
Date Published: 16-Apr-19

Hyberbus vmk50 interface is missing from ESXi Transport node
Date Published: 18-Apr-19

VMware PKS

Comprehensive Guide on Upgrading VMware PKS
Date Published: 16-Apr-19

VMware SDDC Manager

Supported versions of VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail
Date Published: 17-Apr-19

VMware vCenter Server Appliance

SNMP traps are not received by monitoring server when alarms in vCenter are triggered
Date Published: 14-Apr-19

VMware vRealize Automation

“An error occurred while reading the current status from the server.” message on attempting to load deployment’s history tab.
Date Published: 18-Apr-19

VMware vRealize Network Insight

[vRNI] [3.x – 4.x] Prerequisites for the VM to VM path feature
Date Published: 19-Apr-19

HTTP 403 (Unauthorized) error while sending test alerts from Log Insight to vRealize Network Insight
Date Published: 19-Apr-19

VMware vSAN

Collecting support bundle might cause host failure with vSAN 6.7U1 when using WSFC via vSAN iSCSI Target Service
Date Published: 19-Apr-19

Requirements when replacing disks in a vSAN cluster
Date Published: 17-Apr-19

VMware vSphere Replication

Special character (backslash) in the vSAN storage policy will cause replication to fail and create 0 byte unassociated objects.
Date Published: 19-Apr-19


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