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Top 20 Articles for vSphere, December 2018

  1. Deploy VM from a template fails with error “A general system error occurred: vDS host error: See FaultCause”
  2. Deprecation of the external Platform Services Controller deployment model
  3. Linux Virtual machines will hang/freeze after successful migration as x2apic disappears from VM on vMotion from 6.0 to 6.5
  4. Troubleshooting vmkernel ports used by Long-Distance vMotion (LDVM)
  5. NTP configuration limitations in ESXi 6.5 onwards
  6. Error “Unable to connect to MKS: failed to connect to server:902
  7. Virtual machine becomes inaccessible or hangs after a power outage or loss of connectivity to the storage
  8. VMware Tools automatic/interactive upgrade fails when “”= “TRUE”
  9. Very slow network transfer when using virtual machine with EFI bios during PXE boot and download of WIM image via TFTP from Windows Development Services
  10. Unable to start snmp servic on ESXi 6.0 host
  11. VM freeze during disk expansion of thick provisioned eager zeroed disk
  12. Unable to increase rx ring buffer on ixgben driver
  13. vm-support fails to collect the VM information when it was triggered from vSphere Web Client
  14. vMotion of horizon desktop virtual machines fails with error “[msg.namespaceDb.badVersion] Incompatible version -1 (except 2)
  15. hostd no response after migrate virtual machine
  16. Taking quiesce snapshot of Windows Server 2019 virtual machine fails
  17. Horizon Instant Clones provisioning fails with the error: “Unable to prepare migration”
  18. Duplicate Multicast or Broadcast Packets are Received by a Virtual Machine When the Interface is Operating in Promiscuous Mode
  19. Key Management Server (KMS) information is lost post converge
  20. vmotion failed due to ” Failed – a general system error occurred: Disconnected from virtual machine. Failed to establish transport connection (9)” error


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