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VMware’s New In-Product Support Experience – Help At Your Fingertips

VMware is committed to re-imagining the support experience for our customers. VMware is trusted to run the digital foundation of over 500,000 customers globally. Technology innovation and cloud computing are reshaping customers’ expectations and transforming almost every sector of every industry. Today’s businesses are dependent on a digital infrastructure and when something goes wrong, customers need quick access to the right information and easy routes to a VMware expert.

VMware strives to provide an effortless support experience, making it easier to do business with us. At VMworld Europe 2018, we are introducing VMware’s new In-Product Support Experience for VMware Cloud customers within Cloud Services Console, VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Skyline. Following this initial introduction, additional VMware Cloud solutions will receive the In-Product Support Experience in the future.

When customers log in to Cloud Services Console, VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Skyline, they will notice a new Support Tab on the right-hand side scroll bar and a Question Mark on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Clicking on either will launch VMware’s In-Product Support Experience for self-help troubleshooting options, access to VMware Support Representatives and a community of experts.

To ensure we nailed the experience, VMware partnered with 250+ Inner Circle customers to design and test with us. Now let’s take a tour of the new In-Product Support Experience placed right at customers fingertips within the product itself.

Intelligent Search: VMware will surface popular content based on the user’s location and contextual usage in the product. Customers can also use the powerful search to pull up relevant VMware Knowledge Base Articles, Product Docs & Community Posts to answer questions without contacting support.

Intelligent Search


Chat with VMware Support: Quickly address a question or issue with highly skilled VMware Support Engineers and Customer Support Representatives. Continue to search and interact with the product interface while chatting with support.

In-Product Chat Capability


Support Requests (SRs): For situations that go beyond chat, customers can create and manage SRs, or our Support Engineers can create SRs on their behalf via chat without leaving the product.

Support Requests


Ask the Community: Engage and pose questions to actively moderated communities backed by passionate VMware Support Engineers and VMware Experts around the globe.

Ask the Community


Service Health: Review live status of VMware Cloud Services and receive important service notifications.

Service Health


VMware’s In-Product Support is a big step toward providing an effortless support experience for customers. By embedding support channels and capabilities within VMware products, customers can access personalized support where they conduct business instead of navigating to external support portals, phone queues or multiple search engines to get the help they need.

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