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VMware Skyline Advisor – Now Available

Proactive Findings, On-Demand

Today, we are excited to announce the availability of Skyline Advisor. Skyline Advisor is a SaaS application, delivered by VMware, that allows customers to view their proactive findings and recommendations on-demand. Customers no-longer have to wait for their next Operational Summary Report (OSR) to be available to view potential issues discovered within their environment. Skyline Advisor is an additional self-service benefit now available, allowing you to view potential issues within your environment when needed. Let’s get started with Skyline Advisor.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to view your proactive findings within Skyline Advisor, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open a web-browser and browse to My VMware (https://my.vmware.com)
  2. Log in to My VMware using your username and password.
  3. Click Support (located next to the Search box), then click Skyline Advisor.
  4. If you are receiving proactive support today with Skyline, you will automatically be directed to the Skyline Advisor homepage.

Note: If you are NOT receiving proactive support today with Skyline, get started by downloading the Skyline Collector from My VMware. Directions for how to install and configure the Skyline Collector can be found here.

Proactive Findings and Recommendations

All of the potential issues discovered within your environment can be found on the Skyline Advisor Proactive Findings page. By default, each proactive finding is displayed as a card. Each card displays information about the particular finding including the Finding ID, Date Found, number of Affected Objects, and a brief description and recommendation. Click on a particular proactive finding to view additional information, including the full description and recommendation as well as the complete list of affected objects. Additionally, you can search the Affected Objects by source (vCenter Server / NSX Manager), affected object name, the object type or summary. Not lost is the ability to export all affected objects to a CSV. You can then use this CSV file within scripts or orchestration tools to expedite the remediation of affected objects.

The Operational Summary Report

Now that Skyline Advisor is available, Production Support customers will no-longer receive an Operational Summary Report (OSR). Production Support customers will view all the information they were receiving within the OSR within Skyline Advisor. And since Skyline Advisor is a SaaS application, Production Support customers can view their proactive findings and recommendations on-demand.

Premier Services customers will continue to receive an OSR, however only advanced findings and recommendations will be provided within the OSR. Additionally, you can now download both standard and custom OSRs from the OSR Library, a feature available only to Premier Services customers. A standard OSR is similar to what you receive today, generated every other week and will again only contain advanced findings and recommendations. Additionally, the Support Account Manager (SAM) or Support Account Engineer (SAE) can also create a custom OSR, based upon a specific filter. For example, your SAM/SAE can create an OSR with all Security related proactive findings of Critical severity. This custom OSR can then be provided to specific individuals or teams within your organization.

Account Details

The Skyline Collector Account Details page provides you an overview of your proactive support service. This includes your user and company, number of objects being analyzed for potential issues and information about each Skyline Collector deployed within your environment. Take notice of the last analysis and next analysis dates and times. This tells you when you can expect changes within the proactive findings and recommendations, either do to steps you’ve taken to remediate potential issues, or the introduction of new proactive findings within Skyline. Finally, view the status of each Skyline Collector deployed within your environment, along with the version, friendly name and last time it performed a collection for proactive support analysis.


We are excited to make Skyline Advisor available today. Additional Skyline Advisor documentation, including the Getting Started Guide, can be found here. Also, provide feedback directly to Product Management by using the Feedback button within Skyline Advisor. The Feedback button appears on every page within Skyline Advisor, at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

To get started with VMware Skyline, first, download the Skyline Collector here. Next, use the installation and configuration guide to install the Skyline Collector in your environment. Once you’ve installed and configured the Skyline Collector, you’re all set. You will begin receiving proactive findings and recommendations within Skyline Advisor.

Please visit the Skyline Community if you have questions, or need help. Premier Services customers should direct their questions to their SAM/SAE.




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