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Auto-Upgrade with Skyline Collector 1.3

We are excited to announce the release of Skyline Collector 1.3. New within version 1.3 is an improved User Interface and the ability to enable automatic upgrades the Skyline Collector for future updates.

The Skyline Collector enables VMware Global Support Services (GSS) to deliver proactive support.  With proactive support, GSS can notify you of potential issues and areas of risk within your vSphere and NSX environments.  Most noteworthy, proactive support is available at no additional cost to customers with an active Production Support or Premier Services contract.

Please sign up for the Managed Access Program if interested in learning more about proactive support.  Premier Services customers should contact their Support Account Manager/Support Account Engineer for information how they can begin receiving proactive support from VMware today.

Improved User Interface

The Skyline Collector administrative interface has been improved to allow for easier navigation and management of the Skyline Collector.  An overview, along with Skyline Collector management capabilities now reside on the System Status page.  Furthermore, you can see the status of each product endpoint.

The new Skyline Collector 1.3 System Status page provides you with more information, allowing you to view the overall health of the appliance in a single-place.

The Configuration page includes the following options:  Add vCenter Server, Add NSX Manager, Proxy, Collector Name, Active Directory and the newly-added Auto-Upgrade.  Next, we’ll share how auto-upgrade works and why you should enable it.

The Skyline Collector 1.3 Configuration Menu


We continue to work towards making Skyline Collector management as effortless as possible.  New within Skyline Collector 1.3 is the option to enable Auto-Upgrade.  The first step is to enable Auto-Upgrade by toggling the Enable Collector Auto-Upgrade switch to Yes.  Next, you can choose every day or specific day of the week along with time of day for the Collector to automatically upgrade, if any upgrade is available.

Enabling Auto-Upgrade will keep your Skyline Collector virtual appliance up-to-date with all the latest features and capabilities.

In order for Auto-Upgrade to work properly, ensure that the Skyline Collector can reach over port 443.  If Auto-Upgrade is enabled, the Skyline Collector automatically retrieves updates from this address.  If you choose not to enable Auto-Upgrade, the Skyline Collector still needs to be able to reach this address to apply updates.  You can apply updates to the Skyline Collector manually using the Check and Install Updates option within the VAMI.

After each successful auto-upgrade, an email will be sent to the email address that was used to register the Skyline Collector.  This is the My VMware account you entered during the installation and configuration of the Skyline Collector.

Enabling Auto-Upgrade will ensure that your Skyline Collector is always up-to-date, including bug fixes and improvements, such as new VMware product support in the future.  Additionally, this removes the manual task today of logging into the VAMI, checking for updates and if an update is available, installing the update.


You can take advantage of the new features available within the Skyline Collector by upgrading to 1.3.  After upgrading your Skyline Collector to 1.3, you can enable Auto-Upgrade so that all future updates are automatically applied as they become available.

VMware Skyline enables the delivery of proactive support by VMware Global Support Services (GSS).  Today, customers who have adopted proactive support with VMware Skyline receive an Operational Summary Report (OSR).  Within the OSR, customers are proactively notified of potential risks within their environment.  Additionally, recommendations are provided for how to remediate those potential risks.

VMware Skyline is available globally to Premier Services customers along with a select number of Production Support customers.  If you are interested in receiving proactive support from VMware, show your interest by signing-up for the Managed Access Program.  We will continue to invite customers from the Managed Access Program as we scale proactive support services.  Additionally, you can ask your VMware Account Team for information about how we’re radically transforming the customer support experience.