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New KB articles published for week ending 26th November 2017

VMware ESXi

VM power on fails in certain (unidentified) conditions
Date Published:2017/11/20

Virtual Machines with large disk size on ESXi 6.5 hosts might hang during I/O operations and keep issuing host based VSCSI resets
Date Published:2017/11/20


Performance Service – Verbose Mode in the vSAN health service
Date Published:2017/11/20

VMware vRealize Automation

Pre-requisites for upgrading or migrating from vRealize Automation 6.2.x to 7.x
Date Published:2017/11/20

VMware vRealize Operations Manager

License is Invalid” watermark appearing in vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 and Later
Date Published:2017/11/24