1. Support Contracts FAQs
  2. Collecting VMware Horizon View logs and diagnostic information
  3. Provisioning or recomposing a linked clone desktop pool fails
  4. VMware View ports and network connectivity requirements
  5. Licensing VMware View 4.x, 5.x and 6.x
  6. Recommended restart cycle of the VMware Horizon View environment
  7. Changing the log file behavior in the VMware View components
  8. Generating a Horizon View SSL certificate request using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Certificates snap-in
  9. Removing a standard (replica) connection server or a security server from a cluster of connection/security servers
  10. Administration dashboard in VMware Horizon View reports the error: Server’s certificate cannot be checked
  11. Performing an end-to-end backup and restore for VMware View Manager
  12. Provisioning VMware Horizon View desktops fails with error: View Composer Agent initialization error (16): Failed to activate software license
  13. Restart order of the View environment to clear ADLDS (ADAM) synchronization in Horizon View
  14. Manually deleting replica virtual machines in VMware Horizon View
  15. Removing invalid linked clone entries automatically using the ViewDBChk tool in VMware Horizon View 5.3 and later versions
  16. Location of VMware View log files
  17. Connecting to the View ADAM Database
  18. PCoIP Disconnection Codes
  19. Forcing replication between ADAM databases
  20. Using Microsoft Certreq to generate signed SSL certificates in VMware Horizon View