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New KB articles published for week ending 8th July 2017

VMware vCenter Server

External PSC storage/logs gets filled in vCenter Server 6.5
Date of Published:2017/07/05

VMware ESXi

NICs using ntg3 driver may experience loss of connectivity
Date of Published:2017/07/04

VMware NSX for vSphere

Adding NSX Edge to the ‘Applied to’ field of DFW fails
Date of Published:2017/07/05

Creating a User for NSX CLI and Assigning api roles/permissions
Date of Published:2017/07/05

VMware vRealize Network Insight

VMware vRealize Network Insight 3.4.0-P1-201706270230
Date of Published:2017/07/06

VMware vRealize Operations Manager

vSAN objects are not discovered or collected in vRealize Operations Manager 6.6
Date of Published:2017/07/07