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Creating Effective SRs

Recently we have been doing analysis of Customer SR data in an attempt to determine ways to provide quicker resolution to our Customers. In many of the SRs we have reviewed we observed a trend. When customers open an SR many of the times their environments are down and/or projects are impacted and getting a quick resolution from GSS is critical. However, when the SRs are filed they usually lack details or provide details which are irrelevant for our troubleshooting. To get Customers the help they need as quickly as possible the GSS Solution Architect team put together the following list of requirements when opening a SR.

Required Data: 

  • Error messages observed, along with a description of the problem.
  • Business impact of the failure (unable to proceed with implementation, system down, user inconvenience, etc.)
  • Date and Time (including time zone) for when the event occurred.
  • Troubleshooting steps that you have taken.
  • Logs for all products involved.
  • Versions from all products involved.
  • Has there been any recent changes to your environment?

Optional Data:

  • Reproduction of the issue
    • Steps for reproduction
    • Date and time (including time zone) of reproduction.
  • Logs of reproduction.
  • If this has happened before or in other locations, please provide details.
  • What is the frequency of the issue?
  • What environment is this impacting?
  • Is there any workaround for the issue?
  • Please provide any relevant architectural diagrams for the issue.

Content Provided by James Walker

James Walker is a Senior Solution Architect with Global Support Services. He is a VMware Certified Implementation Expert in Data Center Virtualization, Network Virtualization, and Cloud Management and Automation. He works and lives in Colorado and enjoys taking his two girls up to the mountains to hike and ski.