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Top 20 vSAN articles for April 2017

  1. Update sequence for vSphere 6.5 and its compatible VMware products
  2. Component metadata health check fails with invalid state error
  3. Powering on virtual machines in VMware vSAN 5.5 fails with error: Failed to create swap file
  4. vSAN host may encounter a purple diagnostic screen during performance statistics updates
  5. vSAN Health Service – Physical Disk Health – Component Metadata Health
  6. Required vSAN and ESXi configuration for controllers based on the LSI 3108 chipset
  7. vSAN disk group creation may fail when using large cache tier drives
  8. ESXi host fails to rejoin VMware vSAN cluster following reboot
  9. Requirements and considerations for the deployment of VMware vSAN
  10. vSAN network status appears as Misconfiguration detected
  11. Unable to apply storage policies to virtual machines residing on a VMware vSAN cluster with SSLv3 disabled
  12. Redirecting system logs to a vSAN object causes an ESXi host lock up
  13. VMware vSAN 6.x health plug-in fails to load with the error: Unexpected status code: 400
  14. Initializing vSAN during boot takes a longer time
  15. vSAN Multicast performance test fails
  16. Snapshot commit task while vSAN 5.5 owner abdication is in progress results in virtual machine crash
  17. “Cannot complete file operation” error during vSAN VM creation
  18. How to format vSAN Disk Groups with a legacy format version
  19. vSAN on disk upgrade fails at 10%
  20. vSAN Health Service – Network Health – vSAN Cluster Partition
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