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Top 20 vSAN articles for March 2017

  1. Using Oracle RAC on a vSphere 6.x vSAN Datastore
  2. Best practices for vSAN implementations using Dell PERC H730 or FD332-PERC storage controllers
  3. “Virtual SAN objects available for provisioning” task fails
  4. Component metadata health check fails with invalid state error
  5. vSAN disk group creation may fail when using large cache tier drives
  6. vSAN Health Service – Physical Disk Health – Component Metadata Health
  7. Required vSAN and ESXi configuration for controllers based on the LSI 3108 chipset
  8. vSAN host may encounter a purple diagnostic screen during performance statistics updates
  9. Initializing vSAN during boot takes a longer time
  10. vSphere Web Client displays alerts for network partitions of a vSAN cluster
  11. vSAN Health Service – Physical Disk Health – Overall Disk Health
  12. vSAN host may encounter a purple diagnostic screen during resync operations if resync is paused
  13. How to format vSAN Disk Groups with a legacy format version
  14. vSAN Health Service – Cluster Health – CLOMD liveness check
  15. “There is no more space for virtual disk .vmdk” error when starting vSAN VM
  16. vSAN Health Service – vSAN HCL Health – Controller Driver
  17. LSOM memory pools (heaps) warning
  18. vSAN Multicast performance test fails
  19. “Host cannot communicate with all other nodes in vSAN enabled cluster” error
  20. “Unexpected status code: 503” error in vSAN health check plug-in
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