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Opening Support Requests online

If your first instinct when opening a support request with us is to pick up the phone, we want to tell you about some behind the scenes changes we’ve been up to, to make the alternative — opening your request online — much more appealing. And we’re pretty excited about it!

Now, when you login to, right there on the main page, you’re going to see this graphic. Try clicking that blue button and see what we’re talking about.

newfeatureFirst, you’ll be prompted for your product from a pick list. Once you’ve done that you’ll begin to see the wizardry we’ve implemented. Let’s try a quick sample. My VMware asks us to type –in plain language– the nature of our issue. Okay, we want to know how best to do an upgrade.


As we typed this in, algorithms began churning away, not only live-updating a presented list of relevant KB articles, but also providing a confidence score that your issue can be resolved by that KB. Cool right?

Note: While a large number of our products are now setup to work, more are soon to come.

Try it out right now just to see how good our new technology is at solving issues.

Click here to start your journey!


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