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Tips and tricks on Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) for managing a Virtual SAN environment

In this latest KBTV Webinar you will learn some great tips and tricks you can use in Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) for managing a Virtual SAN environment.

Covered in this video demonstration are various commands that can be used within Ruby vSphere Console (RVC), including:

  •  “vsan.disks_stats” Useful for capacity planning, management of disk groups and monitoring the health of physical disks
  •  “vsan.check_state” Useful for troubleshooting data unavailability situations and understanding object health in the VSAN cluster
  •  “vsan.resync_dashboard” Useful for visibility into data resync when changing storage policies
  •  “vsan.whatif_host_failures” Useful for capacity planning on future VSAN nodes and understanding VSAN’s ability to tolerate node failures


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