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How to recreate a missing vmdk AKA virtual machine disk descriptor file

This video tells you how to recreate a missing virtual machine disk descriptor, also know as the vmdk file.

Note: VMware recommends to attempt to restore the missing descriptor file from backups if possible. If this is not possible, proceed with recreating the virtual machine disk descriptor file.

Watch the video to see the steps taken to create a virtual machine disk descriptor file:

  • Identify the size of the flat file in bytes.
  • Create a new blank virtual disk that is the same size as the original. This serves as a baseline example that is modified in later steps.
  • Rename the descriptor file (also referred to as a header file) of the newly-created disk to match the name of the original virtual disk.
  • Modify the contents of the renamed descriptor file to reference the flat file.
  • Remove the leftover temporary flat file of the newly-created disk, as it is not required.

This procedure will not work on virtual disks configured with a Para-virtualized SCSI controller in the virtual machine


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