NSXv License Versions

In NSX 6.2.2 VMware introduced 3 different license editions; Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. These license editions allow you align NSX with your company’s use case.

Standard Edition: Automates IT workflows, bringing agility to the data center network and reducing network operating costs and complexity.

Advanced Edition: Standard Edition plus a fundamentally more secure data center with micro-segmentation. Helps secure the data center to the highest levels, while automating IT provisioning of security.

Enterprise Edition: Advanced Edition plus networking and security across multiple domains. Enables the data center network to extend across multiple sites and connect to high-throughput physical workloads.

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If you are an existing NSX customer the upgrade to 6.2.4 will not impact your license type and components you are entitled to.

For vCNS customers you can upgrade to NSX, however when doing so you will get an Endpoint for NSX only license. You can enable the additional features by purchasing the NSX license that fits your business requirements.

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License Capacity Usage

NSX capacity usage calculation method only reports for clusters prepared and enabled with DFW and VXLAN. CPU count is number of CPUs (sockets) of all prepared hosts. VM count and Concurrent Users is the count of all powered on VMs in the cluster. This VM count does not include system VMs (service VMs, partner VMs, edge appliances etc).

NSX usage is reported correctly under the NSX Manager in NSX vSphere Webclient Plugin. Please note under license management in VC the NSX license will report Usage as ZERO.

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vShield Endpoint License in NSX 6.2.4

vShield Endpoint is a component of vCloud Network and Security (vCNS). This component allows you to offload antivirus and anti-malware agent processing to a dedicated secure virtual appliance. With the release of NSX 6.2.4 the default license is NSX for vShield Endpoint allowing you to manage you vShield Endpoint environment with NSX. Customers who purchased vSphere with vShield Endpoint (Essential Plus and above) will be able to download NSX. This means that NSX will appear on the vSphere download site, just like vCNS does today. To ensure customers do not use any other unlicensed NSX features (eg. VXLAN, DFW, Edge services), the license key will have hard enforcement to prevent NSX host preparation and block Edge creation. If you require an evaluation license key, please request this through VMware sales.


Log Insight License in NSX 6.2.2 and above

VMware vRealize Log Insight 3.3.2 for NSX provides intelligent log analytics for NSX. Log Insight provides monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities and customizable dashboards for network virtualization, flow analysis, and alerts. The 3.3.2 version of Log Insight accepts NSX Standard/Advanced/Enterprise edition license keys issued for NSX 6.2.2 and above. This means you will have an enterprise level Log Insight license for very license of NSX.

log analytics for NSX

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