1. Following maintenance, hosts in a Virtual SAN cluster may erroneously report the error: Host cannot communicate with all other nodes in virtual SAN enabled cluster
  2. VMware Virtual SAN 6.0 Requirements
  3. Support statement for 512e and 4K Native drives for VMware vSphere and VSAN
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  5. vSphere 5.5 Virtual SAN requirements
  6. HP SSD Smart Path and VMware Virtual SAN
  7. Upgrading the VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN) on-disk format version from 1 to 2
  8. Requirements and considerations for the deployment of VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN)
  9. Powering on virtual machines in VMware Virtual SAN 5.5 fails with error: Failed to create swap file
  10. Virtual SAN Health Service – Data Health – Virtual SAN Object Health
  11. Upgrading from VMware vSphere 5.5 EP06 or 5.5 P04 to vSphere 6.0 GA can cause VMware Virtual SAN Data Unavailability
  12. VMware Virtual SAN 6.1 or 5.5 Update 3 Disk Groups show as Unmounted in the vSphere Web Client
  13. Avoiding a known drive failure issue when Dell PERC H730 controller is used with VMware Virtual SAN 5.5 or 6.0
  14. VSAN Multicast performance test Fails
  15. VMware vSphere 6.x VSAN Health Service Status Reports fails with the error: Unknown (Issues connecting to EAM. Try restarting it.)
  16. Adding a host back to a Virtual SAN cluster after an ESXi host rebuild
  17. Enabling or capturing performance statistics using Virtual SAN Observer for VMware Virtual SAN
  18. Removing a VMware Virtual SAN-enabled cluster and detaching the VMware ESXi host from the cluster fails
  19. ESXi 5.5 host in a VSAN cluster reports a warning alarm: Host vendor provider registration
  20. Virtual SAN Health Service – Network Health – Unexpected VSAN cluster members