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Top 20 ESXi articles for November 2015

  1. Restarting the Management agents on an ESXi or ESX host
  2. Installing VMware Tools in an Ubuntu virtual machine
  3. Backing up a Changed Block Tracking enabled virtual machine in ESXi 6.0.x returns incorrect changed sectors
  4. Correlating VMware product build numbers to update levels
  5. TCP and UDP Ports required to access VMware vCenter Server, VMware ESXi and ESX hosts, and other network components
  6. Choosing a network adapter for your virtual machine
  7. Download URLs for VMware vSphere Client
  8. VMware support for open-vm-tools
  9. Increasing the size of a virtual disk
  10. Consolidating snapshots in vSphere 5.x/6.0
  11. Investigating virtual machine file locks on ESXi/ESX
  12. Powering off a virtual machine on an ESXi host
  13. Installing patches on an ESXi 5.x/6.x host from the command line
  14. Setting the number of cores per CPU in a virtual machine
  15. Understanding virtual machine snapshots in VMware ESXi and ESX
  16. Troubleshooting virtual machine console and MKS issues in the vSphere Client
  17. General VMware Tools installation instructions
  18. ESXi 6.0 network connectivity is lost with NETDEV WATCHDOG timeouts in the vmkernel.log
  19. Increasing the size of a disk partition
  20. VMware ESXi 6.0, Patch Release ESXi600-201510001


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