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Issues creating Desktops in VDI, and what to do about it

Connection Server rebootWe want to highlight some mitigation techniques and a handy KB article today for those of you managing Horizon View desktops. We’re talking about those occasions when no desktop can be created or recomposed in your vdi environment and no tasks submitted from Connection Brokers are acted upon by Virtual Center server.

Our Engineering team has been hard at work fixing many of the underlying causes of this happening and the latest release of View have all but eliminated these issues. However, if these issues show up in latest View releases, then we ask everyone to follow the specific steps in this KB: Pool settings are not saved, new pools cannot be created, and vCenter Server tasks are not processed in a Horizon View environment (2082413)

This KB contains several main steps, the first one of which is collecting the bundled logs from all connection brokers in the vdi environment and recording the time this issue was first observed. Steps 2 to 6 are basic steps that can potentially help address the issue but if issues persist, then step 7 requests opening a support case and submitting the collected bundle logs in step 1 alongside the recorded time when the issue was first observed. You might also include any other useful information, such as whether any recent changes were made to the environment.

When opening your support case, please note this KB article number in the description the case. That helps us get right on point ASAP.

Step 8 is what should address this issue without any connection broker reboot as it causes the stoppage of all View services in all View connection brokers and then restarting them.

If step 8 does not resolve your issue, then the last step (9) involves reboot of all connection serves and this has always addressed the issue in our experience.


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