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Fresh vSphere 6 KB articles!

vSphere 6.0 has been out now for a few weeks and you early adopters have been busy kicking the tires. We’ve heard some very encouraging things about this release ie: the web client improvements. It’s always interesting and top of mind for us to see what issues emerge in everyone’s environments and we monitor support requests coming into support as well as social media to see what customers run into.

Here’s an fresh list of Knowledgebase articles we’ve created to address some of these inquiries. Familiarize yourself with the list and of course share with your colleagues using the buttons on this page.

Database compatibility issues during upgrade

Deprecated VMFS volume errors

Backup failures/CBT mem heap issues

Replace certificates for vSphere 6.0

Decommissioning a vCenter Server or Platform Services Controller


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  1. Hi Rick,
    I am doing a fresh installation of VCenter 6 on Windows 2012 Server, VCenter as same platform Windows 2012, MS SQL 2014 also W2012. While creating the DSN, with Default Windows procedure it is qualified as Alias, but VMware documentation says VC 6 does not work with DB Alias. When i try to create DSN with MS SQL authentication it does not passed the test. VCenter VM, DNS, SQL VM, are all in same host same VSwitch0.
    Can you please advise which ODBC driver shall i use as on the MS only ODBC 11 is available. Is there any other ODBC driver version for VCenter 6 and MS SQL2014.
    I have consulted the DBA also and given all rights to domain admins and Local service permissions to installation users.

    Many thanks,

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