ALERT: vSphere Web Client 5.0 fails to load

VMware Support AlertVMware has become aware of an issue with the vSphere Web Client 5.0 failing to load with the error:

Note: The RSL Error (# out of 29) number may fail at different values.
Note: This issue only impacts only the usability of the vSphere Web Client 5.0

  • This error occurs regardless of the browser or version used.
  • This is independent of the Adobe Flash version installed.
  • Setting the system clock on an effected system back may allow the vSphere Web Client to work outside of the vCenter Server for a short amount of time.

For further diagnostic and mitigation information refer to KB article: The vSphere Web Client 5.0 fails to load and displays the error: Error # of 29 2046 with RSL (2116567). Any updates to this information will be made in the KB article itself.


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