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Top 20 vSphere 5.5 Support Topics

Here’s our Top 20 vSphere 5.5 Knowledgebase articles for vSphere 5.5 and VMware Hypervisor 5.5

These KBs address the bulk of calls into our call centers for these products. See anything familiar in this list?

  1. VMware ESXi 5.x host experiences a purple diagnostic screen mentioning E1000PollRxRing and E1000DevRx
  2. Installing async drivers on ESXi 5.0, 5.1, and 5.5
  3. Determining Network/Storage firmware and driver version in ESXi/ESX 4.x and ESXi 5.x
  4. Collecting diagnostic information for VMware ESX/ESXi using the vSphere Client
  5. Re-pointing and re-registering VMware vCenter Server 5.1 / 5.5 and components
  6. Unmounting a LUN or detaching a datastore/storage device from multiple VMware ESXi 5.x hosts
  7. Upgrading to vCenter Server 5.5 best practices
  8. Installing or upgrading to ESXi 5.5 best practices
  9. Investigating virtual machine file locks on ESXi/ESX
  10. Creating a persistent scratch location for ESXi 4.x and 5.x
  11. Reducing the size of the vCenter Server database when the rollup scripts take a long time to run
  12. Broadcom 5719/5720 NICs using tg3 driver become unresponsive and stop traffic in vSphere
  13. Methods for upgrading to ESXi 5.5
  14. Permanent Device Loss (PDL) and All-Paths-Down (APD) in vSphere 5.x
  15. Installing vCenter Server 5.5 best practices
  16. Restarting the Management agents on an ESXi or ESX host
  17. Powering off a virtual machine on an ESXi host
  18. Migrating the vCenter Server database from SQL Express to full SQL Server
  19. Resetting the VMware vCenter Server 5.x Inventory Service database
  20. Methods of upgrading to vCenter Server 5.5


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