With the vSphere 5.5 release a few weeks back a new feature called Virtual Flash was introduced.

We put together this video which provides an overview of this new Virtual Flash feature and its benefits in a vSphere environment.

In essence, Virtual Flash allows you to accelerate virtual machine performance through the use of local SSD (Solid State) disks, which serve flash memory cache to chosen virtual machines running on the ESXi host. Virtual Flash Read Cache can supply low latency for extreme latency sensitive applications which helps to enable the virtualization of some computer systems/applications previously considered too I/O intensive. Virtual Flash caching is achieved using flash memory in the form of solid state disks (SSDs).

We will be following this video up with some new short and quick tutorials over the next few days which will cover:

  • Allocating Virtual Flash Read Cache to a virtual machine
  • Adjusting the amount of VIrtual Flash Read Cache caching in a virtual machine
  • Disabling Virtual Flash Read Cache caching in a virtual machine