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Upgrading VMware Workstation 9 to Workstation 10 on a Windows-based system

Following on from our previous post showing how to perform a fresh installation of VMware Workstation 10 , here is a video which shows how you should upgrade from VMware Workstation 9 to Workstation 10 on a windows-based system.

Note: The same process applies to older versions of VMware Workstation as well.

Before upgrading to VMware Workstation 10:

For additional information see VMware Knowledge Base article Upgrading from VMware Workstation 9 to Workstation 10 (2056782).

9 thoughts on “Upgrading VMware Workstation 9 to Workstation 10 on a Windows-based system

  1. Murthy

    This video is useless! I had a VMware workstation 9 license that I had been using since July. Today a pop up said that there is a version 10 to save the man kind! I downloaded the darned thing and did what this useless video told me to! And at the end it asked me “Not so fast, what is the license, dude!’. I tried what I had for V9, and it pukes!!!

    Why don’t you cover all scenarios that show up in these upgrade misadventures and save the man kind correctly!!!

    I almost lost even V9 with this debacle. So uninstalled this doomed V10 and reinstalled V9. Thank goofness, I saved the V9 installer. Or I would have been screwed since you guys hide it away in the Pacific!!! As of now V9 seems to be up. Not sure if it will later complain to get V9 license again. At that time I would be and should be PISSED!!!

    So do I have a salvation to use V10 with my V9 or stay back with V9.

  2. racheesh

    I am using vmware workstation9 which is 30 days trial version. Now it is got expired. Before purchasing workstation 10, i want to install trial version(30 days) without losing OS which is running in current workstation 9(Trial). So please provide the solution ASAP…

  3. Dan

    I have VMware Workstation 9.0 with 5 VMs installed and running in it. I got VMware Workstation 10 and I want to upgrade to this.
    I tried to run VMware10, but it asked me to uninstall the 9 one first, May I know if I uninstall the existing VMware9 and install 10, will all my VMs be moved and available through my new VMware10?

  4. Peter C

    Hi I just paid for and upgraded to VMWARE Version 10 and now when I try and open a virtual machine – jut just sits there – couple of hours now burning up CPU and memory – but won’t open a virtual machine – gives no messages as to what it is doing – just says it is busy!!

    What to do – see If I have an old installer I guess?

  5. Rick BlytheRick Blythe

    Check our Knowledgebase of course!

    Select workstation in the product drop-down, and enter your search keywords

  6. satyakanth


    I’ using vmware workstation 8, planning to upgrade it to 10.
    I’ve installed windows server 2008. will i loose the OS if i upgrade to 10?

    Thank you

  7. Gautam Kumar

    VMWare Workstation, is a rock solid product ! The hard work you guys put in is worth to be mentioned that, you are are awesome !!

  8. Wouter

    Workstation 9 stated that there was an update available. I installed VMware workstation 10 only to find out I need to pay for an upgrade. Please be more clear about this before suggesting an update/upgrade to your users.

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