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ALERT: Active Directory authentication fails when vCenter Single Sign-On 5.5 runs on Windows Server 2012 along with AD

VMware Support AlertVMware has become aware of an issue where machines running vCenter Single Sign-On 5.5 running on Windows Server 2012 authenticating to an Active Directory Domain running on Windows Server 2012 will not be able to authenticate to Active Directory.


For further information and updates, please refer to KB article: Active Directory authentication fails when vCenter Single Sign-On 5.5 runs on Windows Server 2012 and the AD Domain Controller is also on Windows Server 2012 (2060901).


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  1. I had this exact issue in our environment, running 2012 AD and SSO server. I managed to get authentication working, but by using the format of username@domain.local for users logging in, instead of domain\username. Spent a whole two days struggling with this, and even resorted to building a whole new environment from scratch to test.

  2. Had the same issue. AD server at secondary site on 2012. Installed Vcenter server on 2012 on that site and it was not authenticating. At primary site I have vcenter and AD on 2008 R2 and that was working fine. Above mentioned vmware article did the trick

  3. Guys, I have solved like that:
    During the install of SSO it points local authentication but not domain. That’s why we can’t log in as domain user account. To Log in we have to add the user by logging in SSO’s Admin Panel.
    So here’s the steps:
    1. login as default user (administrator@vsphere.local) password (you typed during install of SSO).
    2. Go to Administration and Configuration under Single Sign-On
    3. Go to Identity Sources tab and press “+” button
    4.Identity source type = Active Directory (integrated Windows Authentication), type domain name and select “Use machine account” if you want to log in vcenter as current user.

  4. Set up a lab running on Windows 2012 R2 AD and vSphere 5.5 u1b (as of time of this posting) . Same issue encountered. could not edit nor modify identity sources and even adding users is not possible.

    please post a link if a fix is available.

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