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Greetings KBTV fans. Today we have a new video which discusses and demonstrates the process for downloading and installing VMware Player on a Windows-based system.

VMware Player is a free application which is great for starting off your journey into the virtualization world. You can download and install on your Windows PC and it will allow you to create virtual machines each with their own guest operating system.

Note: The download for VMware Player is common for both the Free and Professional versions.

Before installing VMware Player on your machine, ensure that your physical machine meets the system requirements for VMware Player.

For more information see the System Requirements section of the user manual for the specific version of VMware Player that you are looking to install.

For additional information and instructions, see VMware Knowledge Base article Downloading and Installing VMware Player (2053973).

Note: For best viewing results, ensure that the 720p quality setting is selected and view in full screen mode.