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We recently ran a survey that sampled customers who opened support requests with us, and one of the questions asked if you would be interested in a new troubleshooting wiki to supplement our other self-help resources. The results are in and we are now discussing.

This got us thinking… perhaps that question needs to be refined. Are you responding to the troubleshooting aspect of the question, or are you responding about the prospects of a wiki?

Whenever we post something here on The Support Insider that indicates it is a troubleshooting tool, we see a lot of interest. Customers like you want to be able to quickly deal issues you encounter, and VMware approved tools or methods are very popular. For instance, our Resolution Path KB articles. We know you’re very interested in anything new we can produce in this area, and a wiki is just one approach. We want to consider all options and use the best tool for the job.

In our next survey, we’ll be sure to be a bit more specific in asking what it is you’d like to see. Maybe you’d like to tell us in the comments below what you’d like most from us?

Protip: When we post a blog topic here that touches on troubleshooting, we tag it. You can view all of our troubleshooting related posts using this URL: You can use the same URL construct for any of the tags we use in our posts (listed right underneath every post), for example: