Today we have compiled two lists of videos that will provide you a clear understanding of how to use vSphere snapshots effectively. The first set comes from Joe Desmond, VMware Certified Instructor. The second list comes from our VMware KBTV YouTube channel. Those videos compliment our Knowledgebase articles on the same topic.

  • vSphere Snapshots in Non Production Environments describes how to make changes in a non-production environment using vSphere snapshots, by using snapshots to compare two alternative changes to an environment.
  • vSphere Snapshot Consolidation describes how to discover and implement changes in the environment using the vSphere Snapshot Consolidation function — a function that recognizes unresolved snapshots from 3rd parties, consolidates them and cleans up the environment.
  • vSphere Snapshot Overview provides an overview of the vSphere Snapshot tool to support guest O/S administrators. Snapshots allow safe change to virtual machines without the worry of failed implementation.
  • vSphere Anatomy of Snapshots describes the snapshot process, a powerful tool that allows safe change of virtual machine states without the worry of failed implementation.
  • vSphere Powerful Tools Come with Big Warning Labels New describes the proper use of vSphere Snapshots avoiding loss of data or downtime, and allowing movement from pre-change to post-change with ease.
  • vSphere Snapshots in Action walks through two demos installing a software program using vSphere Snapshots to capture the before state and the after state.

KBTV videos discussing snapshots