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vCenter Server 5.1 Update 1a

Back on April 29th we posted an alert: ALERT: Login issue after updating to vCenter 5.1 Update 1 which detailed a scenario whereby customers might be unable to log in using the vSphere Web Client or domain username/password credentials via the vSphere Client after updating to vCenter 5.1

Tonight at 7:30pm PST, vCenter Server 5.1 Update 1 will be removed from the VMware download site and will be replaced by vCenter Server 5.1 Update 1a. The primary aim of the 5.1 U1a release is to address the regression that was identified in 5.1 U1.

Customers are urged to read the README included with the new update before they apply the update.

Details of what has and has not been fixed are provided in this KB article:


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  1. vSphere Server 5.1 has been a huge fail for us. Bugs after bugs after more bugs. We’re now considering waiting for a full year before upgrading to the next release.

  2. Few issues, if any, with 5.1x, but we are in a single domain environment. The addition of SSO and the issues with certificates (vMA, etc) have been frustrating. The product used to be so simple and I’m not sure that all of these complicated requirements for the product are actually helping anything more than a particularly small minority of VMware customers. Here’s hoping to VMworld 2013 being the turning point where we get back on track with simple and efficient taking the reigns over complex and unnecessary.

  3. Upgrading to 5.1 was horrid. Thank god we waited for awhile to upgrade. We have yet to go to 5.1 upgrade 1 because of the same issues. VMware needs to spend a little more time and get these products ready for prime time before releasing it.
    Remember way back in the day when everyone would take to install a major service pack for MS products because it broke stuff. Guess what VMware, you are right there.

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