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My VMware Turns One

By Greg Daly, Sr. Director, VMware Customer Advocacy

My VMware, the web site that provides our customers and partners with simplified management of product licenses and support, is celebrating an anniversary – the site was launched one year ago. My VMware has had more than 33 million visits, and we are continuing to see an increase in usage over time. Other milestones include 3.8 million downloads, 188 million page views, and a recent new release loaded with new features and functionality.

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Since its initial launch, we continue to actively solicit feedback from users, who have provided us with a tremendous amount of helpful input that we have used to improve the site. We’ve implemented numerous enhancements that have evolved My VMware from offering basic functionality to providing additional features that boost user productivity and efficiency.

You asked, and we listened:  here are a few of the most recent feature/functionality enhancements we implemented:

Improved Data Accessibility:  Now you can export to CSV, run reports across all accounts, and filter on and expose License Key notes to view information more easily

Improved Data Accessibility

Increased Productivity:  Move License Keys in bulk, right-click on folders to view actions, and create custom License Key labels to organize and manage your License Keys the way you want

Enhanced User Experience:  Liquid layout and resizable panes and columns give you flexibility to focus on the data that’s most important to you

Enhanced User Experience

Streamlined Users & Permissions:  You can set permissions during the invite/add user flow, remove yourself from an Account, and request permissions for specific tasks, making it easier to manage users and permissions

We have received positive response to the enhanced site – our customers and partners are excited to see My VMware functionality expanding. Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received from My VMware users:

In the past 10 years while I have been working with VMware as a customer, partner and distributor, the immense growth in both products and licenses to manage and handle was beginning to pose a real challenge. With My VMware, this issue is solved in a simple and intuitive way that is helping us to manage our NFR, commercial and trial licenses centrally, effectively and smoothly.
— Thomas Hagedorn, Solution Specialist, Arrow ECS Denmark

I was amazed how easy it was to divide a license. When we ordered the license we got 1X4cpu license but wanted 4x1cpu license. it took me 3 minutes to log on to myvmware and find out how to divide license. Very, very good 🙂
I love the My VMware site. Licensing info is so easy to see.
Great steps in improving the customer portal.
Very nice site – clean, quick and stylish.
This is a huge improvement over the old license management tool. Good job listening to your customers.
Once again an easy interface with your firm to upgrade my Fusion S/W. Thanks!
The my.vmware web site is a significant improvement over the old web site.
Great online experience.
The MyVMware portal is much, much easier to use now. Thank you @VMware [via Twitter]

We’re excited to see My VMware growing up, as well. But we’re not finished improving and expanding the site – we have many more enhancements planned! Highlights include a mobile My VMware app and improvements to the download process and license management. Keep the feedback coming – with your help, we’ll continue to improve My VMware, and in the process, hopefully make your job easier.


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