In the past, administrators wishing to determine whether their specific hosts, guest operating systems, storage arrays, or other hardware were on the official VMware Compatibility Guide / HCL had to continually return to our page to see if VMware had added support or added any updates.

The new and improved VMware Compatibility Guide makes it easier to get updates about specific hardware by providing RSS feed subscriptions. To subscribe to updates about an item:

  1. Search for the item you’re interested in.
  2. From the search results, click the model name.
  3. In the Model Detail seciton of the page, at the bottom-right corner, click the rss feed link.

You’ll be prompted for a way to subscribe to the feed, based on your browser and configuration. Updates will be sent via RSS when the page for this model is updated.

For more information about the Compatibility Guide / HCL, see our KB article Using the VMware HCL and Product Interoperability Matrixes (2006028).