My VMware, the web site that provides our customers and partners with simplified management of product licenses and support, is sporting some brand new features requested by many of our users. The latest release enhances the site’s self-service capabilities, as well as provides an improved user experience.

You asked, and we listened. Here are a few of the most recent feature/functionality enhancements we implemented:

Improved Data Accessibility:  Now you can export to CSV, run reports across all accounts, and filter on and expose License Key notes to view information more easily

Increased Productivity:  Move License Keys in bulk, right-click on folders to view actions, and create customer License Key labels to organize and manage your License Keys the way you want

Enhanced User Experience:  Liquid layout and resizable panes and columns give you flexibility to focus on the data that’s most important to you

Streamlined Users & Permissions:  You can set permissions during the invite/add user flow, remove yourself from an Account, and request permissions for specific tasks, making it easier to manage users and permissions

Visit the My VMware Microsite to learn more about these enhancements. You can also log into My VMware and view highlights of the new features.

We’re already hearing from users that the new features help them increase productivity and efficiency. Please keep the feedback coming! We are actively engaging with our customers and partners to listen to their input and incorporate it into My VMware releases. Stay tuned – we have lots more planned to continue improving your My VMware experience.